Season: Spring 2020

Stephen Coventry

I grew up playing soccer in South Texas where I developed playing a style of soccer focused on rhythm and spacing.  Core to that style is that you dribble to create opportunities to pass and run without the ball to create opportunities to shoot.

I have played in the WTMSA since I was 18, we won’t discuss how many years that has been.  I have managed and played on a few teams throughout the years.  I currently serve as the web admin for the WTMSA, and this coach page is in part to serve as a template for other coaches to help new players find teams well suited to their style of play.

It is worth mentioning this league in some form has been around since 1984.  We want it to continue, and players enjoying their time on the field is central to that.  If you are a potential player looking for a team, I hope these coaching pages help you find the right fit.